College soaping mama of 4 kiddos

I began selling diapers over 20 years ago online,as I had a love for being my own boss and for the fluffy diapers! Now, 20 years has passed and no longer have the diaper envy. So we began the Nacke's Boutique! We have started off slowly with soap and will incorporate more as time goes on.
My dear husband has joined the team eager to help in any way. It's fantastic...
I make the soap, he puts on labels, cleans up the mess with a smile! Couldn't ask for more.
My family supports our business very well. At first it was like, your doing what!? And now my own child will help mix colors in with the melt & pour! Its team Nacke!
Moving on, I love to bring beautiful things into people's lives :) I love the ray of sunshine when someone is happy. That is my goal. All happy, excited customers!
I mix this with a little bit of school and taking care of my family. Couldn't have asked for a better life!

Scents we offer are: Lavender Essential Oil, Tea tree oil, Vanilla Oak, Vanilla Bean, Sugar Cookie, Southern Sunshine, Strawberry, Cucumber Melon, Sweet Pea, Southern Vanilla, Spicy Apples & Peaches, Strawberry Musk, Cinna-Vanilla, White Pumpkin & Lilac, Avocado OIl, Cinnamon Cocoa, Lingonberry, Birchwood Oud, Cashmere, Tangerine, Coffee Seed, Amethyst, Fresh Mango, Rose Quartz, Pumpkin Pie, Espresso, Clover and Aloe, and Pumpkin and brown sugar.

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